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Origin of the umbrella

An umbrella is an indispensable thing when you go out on rainy days. Umbrella is very important to our daily life. Although it is only used to shelter...

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The mission of umbrella is to shield people from wind and rain. Lotusumbrella, as a professional umbrella supplier, sticks to the mission, but adds a term, to shield you from wind and rain throughout your life with high quality.
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Origin of the umbrella

  • Author:lotusumbrella
  • Source:lotusumbrella
  • Release on:2019-01-29

An umbrella is an indispensable thing when you go out on rainy days. Umbrella is very important to our daily life. Although it is only used to shelter the wind and rain, its value is immeasurable. In ancient times, umbrellas were not used to shelter the rain.

Lu Ban's wife, Yun Shi, is also a craftsman. Jade Scrap also describes that she was the inventor of the umbrella, the first umbrella she gave her husband when he went out to build a house for others.

The word "umbrella" appeared long ago. She probably made an umbrella that could hold together. Who invented the umbrella? Opinions on this issue have been divergent. Some say that Egyptians first used umbrellas. As early as 1200 BC, Egyptian nobles often asked slaves to use umbrellas for them when they traveled. The Romans covered the Mediterranean with umbrellas

The sunshine of the umbrella. In China, the umbrella was invented by Lu Ban's wife in 1000 B.C., and is called a "movable house". In Britain, umbrellas were not used until the 18th century. Umbrella was once a special product for women, indicating women's attitude towards love. Stand up your umbrella to show your steadfastness to love; hold the umbrella open in your left hand to show that "I don't have free time now". Slowly shake the umbrella to show no confidence or distrust; lean the umbrella on your right shoulder to show you don't want to see you again. By the 19th century men began to use umbrellas.

As the British umbrella is an indispensable part of British life, it has become a symbol of the traditional British way of life, a necessity for London businessmen and officials. The British symbol, John Bull, holds an umbrella in his hand. It is also indispensable in literary works and movies. The Umbrella Museum was established in Britain in 1969. Umbrella also has many uses. Umbrellas are sometimes used as weapons. In 1978, a group of exiled Bulgarians were poisoned and killed by assassins stabbed with umbrella tips on Waterloo Bridge. Some umbrella handles can be sprayed with pepper to stop bad dogs from biting. Some umbrellas have lights in their handle to illuminate their way.